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By @9gag “So I bought a 99-pack of beers… #9gag” via @PhotoRepost_app
A: brp crack beer beli nuan knak nuan kwen ilal deh?
B: ndak maioh.. 30 crate jak..
A: mimit ndar nyk?
Aku imagine ka randau munyi tok sbna ia.. heeee!

Like i said just now.. howwwww isssss thisssss nottttt cuteeeeeeee? While others talk about their human babies and children, here i am talking and babbling about my baby #Kitten .. #LOL #Cats #Orange #Ginger and this is #GoodBye.. and one at the back is #Hello .. #AnimalLover after a busy day, coming home to this is such a calming time.. tho i have to put them in their box again as #MishellMable always carrying them into my room..

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